Sunday, April 06, 2008

VIP guests

We had a fabulous visit last night with the governor and Mrs. They arrived shortly after 7 pm, by which time supper was completely ready and waiting. We ate straight away – after some panic about what to make for supper, I settled on lasagna, with stir-fried vegetables and garlic bread (ordinarily I would have had salad, but I only had green tomatoes on hand). Conversation flowed freely on varied topics including government and councillors, theology, stories of how we met our spouses and so on. I had a busy afternoon in preparation, evening going so far as to make chocolate leaves to decorate the nougatina meringue, the recipe for which I procured from a magazine.

Today we hired ‘Gummi Bears’ for the boys. It took Nick and me back to our childhood – we could still remember the theme song! Caleb wanted to learn how to knit after that, so I showed him and he managed a few rows by himself, but he would need a lot more practice if he were to become proficient! At the same time I got Aaron making a pompom, and then Nick wanted a haircut. In between other things I finished the ironing, and then this afternoon Nick has been at Tammy – this will be their last Saturday afternoon working on the album, as it has to be finished this week.

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