Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Yesterday it was overcast all day which felt strange, and it was also a public holiday so everything was very quiet. We had a good day of school holiday. I did a bit of weeding while I was waiting for the washing to come out, with the boys helping…we seem to have some tomato plants growing again, as well as a pumpkin plant – the pumpkin seeds must have been lying dormant for quite some time, as we’ve certainly never planted them! Of course we’ve left those untouched, to see if they will bear anything (like tomatoes and pumpkins, preferably).

Nick spent most of today out at Knollcombes again, putting in a few more stone steps. Honestly, I never knew my husband was such a handy-man/builder, but perhaps it’s genetic after all! Two JWs came to visit today. One of the ladies has been before, and the other lady is the late head-honcho’s wife. After giving them a glass of juice, I left them to it. Nick spoke with them for a long time, but of course they don’t listen to reason, logic, doctrine or the bible.

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