Monday, April 07, 2008

Long school morning

I cancelled my beading with Lorna this afternoon, because by lunchtime we hadn’t finished school yet – so instead of rushing through everything, getting there late, and rushing home again for the girls’ group, I decided just to skip it. School just took a very long time this morning. I think we started slightly late, and then there were a couple of things that took longer than normal. Aaron had a few problems with his maths which needed explaining, and took a long time reading some words in another book. Caleb just goes on ahead with his maths – he reads the instruction himself, and just gets on with what needs doing. Anyway, we had lunch, then built some Lego, then carried on with the last two books. In history studies we’re taking a look at ancient Egypt, which has been very interesting. We’re coming at it from a few different angles in different books, which gives a good oversight. We started a new read-aloud called “Mountain Born”, the first chapter of which introduced a new-born lamb that seemed to be dead, but which was resuscitated and is now a little boy’s pet on their farm. The boys are enjoying it so far. We finally finished school for the day at 1.50, which I think is a record lateness. I had a bit of time to scrap, and then had my girls’ group at 4. I had four of them this week, mostly arriving quite late, but it was fun anyway. I’ve challenged them to do a ‘blessed list’ – listing everything in their lives that they are thankful for. I also have to do it.

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