Thursday, January 03, 2013

wednesday & thursday

Nick has had a smaller workload this week with no bible studies during the holidays, and a guest preacher this coming Sunday evening, so had time to visit people.  We called in at Lindsay and Nyree on Wednesday afternoon (Nyree had thrown her back out on New Year's Day so sat very least the bruises from the rake incident have healed - one must be sure to recover from one injury before moving onto the next one!) and we visited with Les and Marg on Thursday afternoon.  Tom popped in on Wednesday afternoon just in time for fritattas for tea, and Andreas and Danielle came by for a hello in the evening too.  During the mornings while Nick was at the office, the boys played outside on their ripsticks or read books, while I have been sorting cupboards and cleaning the house and catching up on washing after the time away.  Vacuum packing blankets and winter clothing is a novel way to save space in cupboards - and Briscoes sales mean affordable vacuum storage bags.  I love holidays at home!

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