Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Start of 2013

New Years' Day 2013: Nick took the day off from preparation but we failed to organize anything with friends so had the day at home.  The boys seemed to have more success in the social department, with a group of children readily available from the street.  I came across a Chinese Skipping rope at the $2 shop recently, and this was a rather ideal opportunity to introduce it!  It didn't take them long to catch onto "Tinker Tailor Solider Sailor" and the jumps in and on the rope.  Good fun - a revival of a game I played when I was at school.


Genevieve said...

Oh gosh - its been a long time since I have seen one of those! That was a favorite activity of mine as a kid. We called it Chinese jump rope.

Sophie Crowie said...

Havent seen you guys for a while, obviously if your gone.
Good to see your all well