Sunday, January 13, 2013

Debtors to mercy alone

Another whopper of a sermon today on "The Triumph of Grace" - available to download on MRBC's website (link to the right).  And it's plain to see why we're pleased that Liz and Graham are back from holiday! Brought them home after church for a BBQ complete with overgrown giant marrow from their garden.
After the pm service which was an interesting teaching and discussion on the Sabbath, we joined up with the Gregorys at the Bay (we would have had the Phillipses in our collection of people too but apparently our choice of seating was inferior - grass is for smoking, not sitting on, I'm told) for the Talent Quest finale, in which we kept up a running critique of the performers and their choice of items, clothing, suitability of range to voice and so on.  Spectatorship gives one the privilege of judging each item, and we definitely had our favourites.  Timaru and the surrounds have some big talent! 
Go Lizzie go - running up to get a shot of The Vocal Network, a barbershop quartet who were the winners in the adult section.
Were supposed to have a game of Balderdash at the Gregory's after the concert, but since someone forgot to actually take the game along with them, we just had a good natter with Liz and Graham and their friends Andrew and Charissa who are up from Dunedin.

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Liz said...

Great to be home to enjoy such fine company!