Monday, January 28, 2013

Ultra-Friendly Bothas (UFB)

There have been trucks and workers dotted all about Timaru lately with much work to be done in a nation-wide government roll-out of UFB (Ultra Fast Broadband); by the end of 2019 they hope to have UFB in more than 830,000 homes across NZ.  It's quite interesting, really, and you can read more here if you'd like to. This week they stationed themselves up and down MacDonald Street along with a lot of noise and muddy rivulets running down the road.  We have been parked in once or twice, but on the whole it's really quite exciting.
We took a meal to the Bothas this evening; I suggested to Nick that we ought to eat with them and then leave almost immediately following to allow an evening on unpacking but Nick thought Andreas, Danielle and Betta would prefer our company above the company of boxes and bubblewrap.  He was right!  We stayed until around 8 pm, playing Dutch Blitz in the kitchen and chatting and watching YouTube clips.  Their house is taking shape!
To keep the blog lively and entertaining without being obscene, here is a pic of Aaron's injured toe which would be healing a lot faster if he didn't keep stubbing and bumping it.  Looking good though.  He's not sure that losing a toenail will be much fun but was relieved to hear that a new one would have grown underneath!

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