Saturday, January 26, 2013

Move it, move it (part two)

Andreas and Danielle and Betta had already been hard at work during the week, getting things ready for their move. We called in at the new house on Kitchener Square last night after leaving the Gregorys and it was clear to see that a lot had been accomplished already. We had a guided tour through the expansive two-storey villa; this morning we were ready and eager to launch straight into the packing, moving and unloading of furniture and boxes.  Aaron put himself out of action pretty soon by dropping a chair on his foot and doing some damage to his toenail; Danielle took charge and nursed him magnificently while all I could manage was to set next to him in the bathroom offering sympathies from a distance.  Thank goodness I didn't have to examine it or look at the blood!  His agonized wailing drew quite a crowd.
Leane (below) boworred the camera to capture the action - jolly good of her or there would have been very few photos following!
Madre, taller than I, squeezed into a packing box.
Love this one looking up into the bougainvillea. 
Left the Bothas well after 2 pm and were glad to get home for a bit of a crash.  We felt sorry for both the Bothas and the Gregorys who still have a lot of hard work ahead, but it will be worth it all and we look forward to helping them fill the rooms with laughter and make ridiculously happy memories.

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