Sunday, January 27, 2013

How dare you!

Continuing with his holiday, Nick had the day off today with John preaching in the morning and Grant in the afternoon. Both services were a blessing! Bit of a treat for the boys to have their dad sitting next to them during church too. We laid some plans for a BBQ at the beach for the afternoon, but like a carefully constructed house of cards, our arrangements fell apart and we ended up wasting a gorgeous summer's day at home!  Not that it wasn't fun - had a rest, played mandolin, pulled my old violin out from under the guest room bed as my proper one had been left at the church for later, read a bit...all good.  The boys spotted a hedgehog in the garden; we do see hedgehogs fairly often but they are usually in the middle of the road and quite flat. 
Had better success in rustling up some friends after the pm service - the weather was still amazing with only mild sea breezes.  After fish and chips right on the sand with Liz, Graham, and Justus, and the Phillipses bringing along their plate of tuna toasties, and one person in the group taking on a double, no triple, dare to dip a chip in tomato sauce and then sand and eat it (I won't say who lest it should besmirch her reputation of refinement and omni-appropriateness), we felt about ready for a swim.  Caleb and Aaron absolutely love the sea and were first in with Justus quickly following; Liz and Graham were keen for a swim after their hard and sweaty work of house-shifting.  I waded out to knee-depth and was surprised that it wasn't all that cold, so joined Nick and the Gregories in swimming out to the wharf where the boys, Jaydon and Justus had already taken several jumps off the pier.  It looked like fun and the sort of thing that brave people do; I challenged Liz to jump the six feet into the ocean.  Our conversation was something like this:
Lynn: Hey Liz, I dare you to jump.
Liz: Oooh no, I don't want to.
Lynn: Come on, let's do it, it'll be fun.  I'll jump if you jump.
Liz: Oh I really don't want to, I [insert lame excuse]
Lynn: We'd be pretty awesome if we did it.
Liz: Well there's not even a camera for anyone to photograph us, how will they know?
Lynn: We'll tell them we did it.
Liz, in a loud voice: Okay come everyone, we're all going to jump together.... 
There followed a bit of organising and spreading into a safely-spaced line, then on the count of three, Nick and I, Liz, Graham, Justus, Jaydon, Dannica and a bunch of kids (some random, and some who were in Mr Frank's class who happened to be there at the same time) jumped.  It was epic!  Sea water up noses, salty water in mouths, and the exhilaration of having done something out of the ordinary.  Yeah!  Decided to walk back to the beach rather than swim it so we could start drying off, needed to warm up a bit so got a game of frisbee going, but there's more standing around in such a game than actual activity!  I didn't take a single photo (too busy being a participant and not a spectator this evening) so was pleased to see this one appear on Facebook courtesy of Graham soon after the event.  Finally ready to leave the beach just before 8 pm; wished one another well for school starting this week.  Arrived at the Warehouse just in time to watch the staff leaving after it closed, having missed it by minutes, so instead hired Madagascar 3 which had us lol'ing at some very funny lines.  All-time best movie quote:
Mort: "My tummy is speaking to me"...and you'll have to watch the movie to see what follows!

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