Friday, January 04, 2013

A bit of history

Look who came to tea tonight!  
Renee was my bridesmaid and we were trying to figure out when last we saw one another - seems like it must have been around 2001 which was when she relocated to the UK.  What an absolute delight to renew our friendship, and to meet her family - husband Andrew and step-daughter Charlotte (the boys took an instant liking to Charlotte both because she's just lovely, and because she reminded them of Maddy Garnett).  The Dodds have been touring NZ for the last three weeks in a super-tiny campervan and this was to be their last night in the country before flying out of Christchurch in the morning.  We had a BBQ together, then took them to Caroline Bay to catch a bit of the fair.
The kids did the Octopus...
...and the Round-Up, while us grown-ups spent more time chatting and trying to find shelter from the wind.
Back home for dessert, then Andrew and Renee had to repack their suitcases in preparation for their two very long flights home via Singapore.  Absolutely fabulous to spend the evening together, but over far too quickly and we were sad to wave them goodbye early on Saturday morning.  Perhaps 2025 might see us together again?

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