Saturday, January 05, 2013


Nick has been looking around at kayaks for some time and finally found a really great deal on a second-hand Prowler 4.5 on TradeMe (4.5 refers to the length, I'm told).  He and Tom went to collect it from Christchurch on Thursday night, and today was his first opportunity to test it out.  He and the boys took wetsuits, a body board, the inflatable raft, the kayak, a bottle of sunscreen and a few snacks to Caroline Bay where they spend several hours playing in the ocean.  As it turns out, they couldn't have picked a better day, with the temperature climbing to 33°C during the afternoon.  Nick is VERY happy with his purchase!  I was very happy to be left alone at home to do the blog and play violin (I did have a talk with myself, out loud, to remind myself that I enjoy being at home on my own, just in case I felt inclined to mope).  The trio returned home mid-afternoon, tired but victorious after a great time on the water.  

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