Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The return

While some people were up at 6.30 am making apricot jam, we enjoyed a peaceful morning at our motel, listening to the rain pattering against the windows...rain?  Oh no!  That squelched any plans for exploring a few walks and shops in Akaroa, but we had been keeping an eye on the weather forecasts so weren't too surprised or disappointed.  After a stop at the fudge shop (and again, commenting on how much my parents would like that particular shop, which has placemats to purchase amongst a wide range of other delightful goodies), we left Akaroa and drove to Christchurch.  Stopped at the coffee shop overlooking the bay where we stopped in October for a photo - this was what we saw back then;
 this morning Nick made me take a photo of the foggy non-view :) 
I discovered that a Chai Latte, three jaffas and a piece of fudge do not help car-sickness and it was a relief to be out of the bends and turns of the mountain passes.  We stopped in Hornby for lunch and shopping although our regular bargain-hunt at Hallensteins was fruitless.  We were home before 4 pm, the boys were dropped back home after a swim and a very enjoyable day and a half with the Rawlins', and we were all back to normal.  I vacuumed the house.
Met up with a group of gals at Liz's place for some crafting but honestly, we gabbed more than glued.  Although of course, with that early-morning jam-making, at least one of us had already had a constructive day and didn't need paper productivity! 

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