Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Some ol' sticks tied t'gether

Okay, for you crafty people who've been asking if the driftwood project was successful...yes it was! I have another bathroom project on the go so will photograph again in the morning with the completed effect. Caleb asked what it was, looking very unimpressed by the whole thing. I told him it's a vase; he asked how on earth it could be waterproof. The simple answer lies in the cut-off plastic ice-cream soda bottle around which the pieces of driftwood have been glued. I found some sticks in the garden onto which I've hung a few fish to complete the marine effect.The boys have been duly enrolled in the Timaru School of Music held on the Waimataitai School premises; Aaron in ukulele and Caleb in violin. They start lessons next week and are super excited. Caleb will continue with piano this term as well. Had our church QGM this evening...sometimes the talk is arranged like our chairs - circularly! But it was a good meeting with positive outcomes.


Genevieve said...

Well there you go! I knew it would work! Driftwood is wonderful - clever of you to think of a way to incorporate it into something. So you used the shower sealant like your glue?

Helen Williams said...

Great Vase Lynn, you are very cleve.r