Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pigging out

How do bumble bees fly with their huge bodies and tiny wings? God put some of His creatures together in such a humorous way, I'm sure - or does the impossibility of such a clumsy insect simply serve to point out that God's design by far supersedes our engineering abilities and understanding?
Had a good family day at home for the most part - at one stage Aaron was doing homework, Caleb was reading, I was sewing and Nick was mowing the lawn. All good domestic bliss! Nick found that some of our potatoes were ready for harvesting and gathered in a sturdy dozen or more. In the evening we packed off to the Camerons for a Swiss meal - never had had such a thing so didn't know what to expect but had taken big appetites just in case. Good thing because we ended up eating heaps - it's similar to a fondue thing where everyone cooks their own stuff on a communal griddle thingie, with individual mini pans tucked under the griddle for grilling cheese and putting it all together. It's a grand idea and worked well, even for the boys who thought that cooking their own stuff was da boss, like, yo. Two pigs arrived during the eating (I mean this in the literal sense, not that we became pigs although there might be some question in this regard) and were duly housed and watered. The Clevely adults challenged the Cameron adults to a game of Taboo, following on from our enjoyment of the game on Friday. It's always interesting to see who the real competitors are and who the players-for-fun are. I confess I fall into the former category and had to restrain myself from post-mortems on each round, and filling in answers for the other team! An excellent evening all round, thanks Matt and Rachel.

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