Monday, February 21, 2011

Herald this

I’m doing a week’s temp assignment at the Timaru Herald – answering phones, receiving faxes and so on. It’s fairly mundane work, and more so because not much is expected of a temp, but it’s interesting nonetheless to see the inner workings of a newspaper – disappointingly, it’s nothing like Clarke and Lois! When Nick and the boys fetched me at five, Aaron had a super show-and-tell for me of his bloodied toe…a wood chopping accident which had happened about five minutes before they were due to collect me, in which a sharp chunk of wood landed heavily on three of his little toes, cutting quite deeply into one. No breakages and no stitches necessary though, thank the Lord! The weather has been magnificent today, lasting late into the evening - normally a hot day would give way to Southerlies and turn cold by late afternoon. I took a short drive south of Timaru but alas, in my excitement and haste to go photographing something, I left my tripod at home so ended up being frustrated with most of what I did. Still good weather though and great to be outdoors.

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