Thursday, February 17, 2011

{I've got that floating feeling}

Have you been anxiously watching this space? Hmmmm? I'm VERY pleased to say that, 25 hours after walking through the Prospective Employee's doors, I am now Hired Person!! I was invited for a 'formal' interview today with the Lovely Lady and her husband, though never has one been conducted with more giggling from both female parties. At the end of it we looked at each other and said, "so, should we do it?". And we did! A contract is being drawn up so the formalities will be signed, but there is just so much excitement on both sides. I start on 1 March, working 10 hours a week for now with a view to extending the hours, and at that time I will detail the who, where and what of the job (but for now, this is the beautiful building in which I will be housed). I can see God's hand at work here in so many ways - the timing, the prompting, the dreaming and even the nontraditional format of my CV which was best suited to this position. He has brought all the little disconnected puzzle pieces together in perfect order and each piece interlocks perfectly!
Danielle and Petru came around for a girls' evening while Nick was out at an elders' meeting. We watched a teaching DVD together - it was the first time I'd ever listened to preaching in Afrikaans!


Genevieve said...

You are really going to make us wait in excitement until March 1?! Please tell us!

Helen Williams said...

You're such a tease, Lynn