Sunday, October 04, 2009

Work party to pizza party

We harnessed the power of many hands this morning in getting the unsuspecting Good News Club kids to help move rocks…after the worship and teaching, when they normally have free play, we took them across the road to the manse and got them busy in the back yard, moving most of the rubble off the dead grass so that we can try revive the lawn. Hope we don’t get any reports of child abuse or slave labour! In the afternoon I did a video camera interview of the boys, as a time capsule sort of school assignment. We’ll watch the results two years from now – I got the boys to send a message to themselves through time! They thought it was cool. In the evening we had Maddy’s birthday pizza-party. Pam had outdone herself with party preparations, stringing Christmas lights up for a festive element, and producing a fabulous chocolate slab for a birthday cake. Paul and Gemma and their kids also came, and we all watched a movie projected onto the wall. What a great evening!

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