Monday, October 12, 2009

From the bottom of the Heart

The Heart-Shaped Waterfall has long been one of the walks we’ve wanted to do; particularly now as we think of things we’d like to do in the remaining 10½ weeks we have left on the island! We had made a tentative arrangement to do a walk with Amy and Jamie during the afternoon and it turned out that Jamie had already planned to do the HSW walk with a contractor to discuss clearing a path to make it a more tourist friendly walk (did I mention that Jamie is the new director of the National Heritage Society?). We had a cup of tea and cake at their house in Longwood first, and then met up with Pam, Geoff and Maddy at the start of the walk. I had not imagined it to be such a tough walk…an hour of scrambling over rocks, crossing rivers, climbing up vine covered ascents – we could see why the path needs clearing! The reward at the end was spectacular though and made the effort well worth it. The waterfall, when it has not been raining heavily, gently wafts down cliff faces into a rock pool at the bottom. Not much time to rest and enjoy it though as we had to make the return journey to be in time for church. As it was we had just enough time to change at Pam’s place and have a quick cup of tea and some quiche before starting music practice. Nick preached on the ‘Protestant Work Ethic’ and it was good – obviously interesting enough to keep the boys awake despite their heavy afternoon.

A group shot, sort of - if you look hard you can see us on the right side of the rock pool!

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