Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Blowin' in the wind

During tenzees Aaron and I went outside and blew bubbles (we were all given a bottle of bubbles at Maddy’s birthday party as a departing gift [was that a gift to say thank you for going??]). We climbed up onto the roof of the garage. The boys have often gone up there but this was my first time, and I must confess that I very much enjoyed it! Aaron got bored after a while and went to jump on the trampoline with Caleb, but I stayed up far longer than a mom with washing needing to be hung up should have. ("Ben and Sam's house" to the left!)In the afternoon we all went to town – this is becoming quite a habit! We had a very productive afternoon in the manse, with packing, cleaning, clearing rubble, emptying cupboards…it was great.

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ema said...

I love that picture of the bubbles and "our house".
It's so good to see :)