Thursday, October 08, 2009

The clouds have parted

It was sunny today! It’s been days since we’ve had blue skies at Piccolo – what a blissful pleasure to have them back. I couldn’t just sit inside all afternoon working on application forms (and I’m pleased to say that they are nearly done – the clouds are indeed parting!), so in the afternoon Nick and I went out and took a few pics. Also socialised around the trampoline with Clare, DT and Alison which was great. School seemed long this morning during the first session – the spelling has been getting a little more difficult and Caleb particularly struggles with it sometimes. He is the one who needs occasional reminding to check his attitude. But otherwise it was fine. I had to pop out to town early afternoon to run more emigration-based errands, stopping in at the manse to collect a box of books where I took this photo from the bathroom window: and then on to Steve and Maureen to collect more documentation. This is their gorgeous house aptly named ‘Tranquility’ nestled in the greenery.


Genevieve said...

Cute shoes! From the emporium?
The looking through the hibiscus shot is lovely!

Jacqui Cunningham said...

Your Hibiscus photo is GORGEOUS!!! Well done!