Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hobbiting about the end of the year

Treated the boys (and ourselves) to a big-screen viewing of The Hobbit (II) this morning. We seldom go to the movies as it's outrageously expensive, but apparently on Tuesdays the prices are 'terrific'. Not sure about the truth of that marketing ploy but it's the best day to go.
The remainder of the last day of the year was spent at home; we spotted Caleb sitting quietly on the garage roof waiting for the day to end, I guess.  To see out the Old Year we rented The Hobbit (I) - what better time to see it than directly after the second one!  First though we had a game of Taboo, starting the movie late enough for it to almost run into midnight.  Mom and Dad didn't last but that was more a dislike of the movie than actual tiredness! 
And so another year draws to a close and we stand on the brink of 2014. This year we will either get our permanent residence in NZ, or be packing our bags and moving on. We're praying for the former!

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