Friday, December 13, 2013

Give out prizes

And so, with only one more "fun day" of school left on Monday at Caroline Bay, this year of school has more or less ended. The final formal thing was tonight's prizegiving.  We took our pizzas to Centennial Park which the ducks especially thought was a treat.
The prizegiving evening started with the choir performing a piece on which they had worked hard during the year, and then each class performed an item which was followed by their certificates, with speeches from the BoT, Principal, PTA and Trust Board peppered in between.
The youngest class was first - bit of a show stealer really, with all their cuteness! 
Aaron's class was third up; Aaron was nervous about the performance as he'd missed a few practices this week with being sick.  Went off well though and the kids looked like they enjoyed it!
Caleb's class, the senior room, was last up and instead of singing a song themselves, they showed us their sign language prowess (and none of them seemed to have a schizophrenic attack during the song).  Caleb picked up the signing well over the year and so was in a smaller group who signed the verses of the song as well as the chorus.
Caleb and a fellow Year 7 student were privileged to pray for the Year 8s as they leave TCS to go to High School next year. 
Super work, students and teachers who all put in a lot of time to make the evening so fabulous!

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