Sunday, December 15, 2013

What child is this

 Mmmm, yummy Sunday home so late from church that cooking wasn't an option!
Graham and Liz opened their home for a carols singalong after the evening service.  Scads of people arrived with their takeaway tea, instruments and voices as instructed (well, not so much the instruments, but definitely voices!).  Sang through the well-known traditional carols and some of the  less-known ones (Good Christian Men Rejoice, As With Gladness, O Come O Come Immanuel among others) and have also been doing some entirely new ones in church (Joy has Dawned and Fullness of Grace by the Gettys are super).  
A rainy morning had cleared to a mild and calm afternoon, so the singing spilled over to the outside.  Nick wandered around with the camera.  We are thrilled to have so many little kidlets in the church now with the Overcomers' four and the Courage's three (becoming four next year). 

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