Friday, December 20, 2013

Sand between your toes

It was far too good an evening to waste with indoor activities, although Rummikub was tempting...but after pizza and a movie we left Mumsie at home and took ourselves off to Caroline Bay for a short meander. We're finally getting a taste of the summer days yet to come with regularity - calm evenings, a warm tinge to the air, and late sunsets. These photos were around 7.45 pm and the sun was still pretty high with some gentle cloud diffusing the light.
These are the feet of concentration - toes curling to match brows furling as the boys started a sand sculpture.
Ah, bliss - kicking off and feeling the sand again.  It's been too long since last summer!
Some funny muscle things on a huge stalk of seaweed.
Nick planted a beach tree :)

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