Saturday, December 21, 2013

Puzzled in Wanaka

Dad, Mom, the boys and I left Nick at home for the weekend, heading off on a short getaway to see some sights. Our first stop was around lunch-time in Wanaka, where we spend the afternoon at Puzzling World. I've been wanting to see this place for a few years now, even since before we came to NZ - fancy it having taken us so long to achieve!  It was money well spent and a great afternoon...even lunch was part of the fun as we arranged tangrams and other wooden puzzles which are left scattered about for patrons to enjoy. 
After the few hours of travelling in the car we were ready for a pitstop before embarking on the Great Maze - a fabulous labyrinth of passages 1.5 km long.
By the time all four corner towers and the actual end have been found, most people walk between 3 and 5 km.  We could well believe it! 
On behalf of all women everywhere who are criticized for poor directional ability, I'll boast that I was the first to finish.  It took 40 minutes.  Dad had found one corner by then, and Caleb was nearly on track but kindly helped his grandfather navigate to the remaining three.  Aaron needed an emergency exit to revisit the Roman Room, and Mom got bored after the first corner and exited to visit the gift shop. 
After this extreme outdoor pursuit we took to the illusion rooms which were as fabulous as anticipated.  This first room was probably the most unexpected and confusing, as we struggled to walk up the inclined floor and balls and water seemed to flow uphill. The mind is so easily tricked!
The faces that follow...ah, so wonderful. 
Hee hee...teeny tiny little parents...
We joined the masses having some fun with the angled clock tower.
Arrived at our booked bach in Arrowtown late afternoon and enjoyed a mellow evening together (some slightly more worn out than others after that long, looong walk in the maze!)

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