Sunday, December 22, 2013


Queenstown featured on today's itinerary. Although it was a beautiful clear day, there was a strong Southerly about which made it almost unpleasant being outdoors.  Poor Mumsie already had a head cold which was settling into her chest, and being buffeted by icy blasts didn't help much.  Still, we intended to ride the gondola and do the luge, so trudged up the hill to the entrance. 
I still don't like the gondola ride.  Mom cheerfully sang songs about the lovely lupins and crashing into rocks to try occupy and distract me, but her unconcerned state about whooshing up the side of the mountain was more help than her dotty ditties.  I certainly didn't want to ride with the boys who no doubt would have rocked the car on purpose. 
Glad to get out though and be on solid ground, albeit it very high solid ground. 
Cute jelly bean rendering of American Gothic ey!
Upwards for the luge ride.  Graham Gregory would be impressed to note that I whistled for the boys to turn around and wave for a photo :)  Caleb and Aaron both rode the luge like seasoned rally drivers; Dad was moderate in his overtaking of my little cart which I rode like an old lady complete with straight-back posture.  Still, that's how I enjoy it!  Mom found her pleasure in a cup of coffee and book, indoors and out of the wind. 
Dad still thought this sign was funny - so no ghosts permitted in Queenstown then?
Once safely down the mountain, we used my phone to navigate to Subway for lunch, where a lovely lass offered to take our photo.
Replete on onions, roast beef, salami and other delicious and messy combinations, we meandered up and down a few streets in Queenstown.  We were sorry to be missing church on this Sunday, and felt particularly sad about the throngs of people enjoying a lovely day out without thought of God and church-going. 
On the shores of Lake Wakatipu...a tight-rope line had been established between two trees and the would-be walker didn't mind Caleb and Aaron having a go. 
Beautiful Anglican Church - glad to say they were announcing service times on a billboard outside.
We sucked the Queenstown experience dry early afternoon, and drove the 20 minutes back to Arrowtown.  Spent a portion of the afternoon enjoying the sights on the main street.  Below is "The Postmaster's Residence" - turned into a quaint eatery.
Since we had brought pre-prepared meals with us there was nothing that needed doing, so I found a seat in the sun with a hat and book and enjoyed a blissful afternoon of reading.  That's where true holidayness happens!

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