Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Day 1, 2014

New Years' Day, and what better time to get the kayak back in action! Nick and the boys were keen as badgers to visit the beach; I was more than happy to be at home and Mom and Dad have both been unwell to varying degrees, so had no intention of going anywhere other than Mom joining me for a spot of grocery shopping in the morning.
After tea we took off to Caroline Bay to catch the evening concert, a Freddie Mercury and BeeGees tribute.  Brilliantly performed by a man whose name I omitted to catch, but interestingly Tom knows him, and Tom happened to be sitting next to us at the concert.  Turns out he's a brother in the Lord!
Nick wasn't keen on hanging around for the crowning of the Queen of the Carnival after the show, but I wanted to have a peek so stayed while Nick and Tom went to chat with the Freddie dude.
Meanwhile, Caleb and Aaron had been wondering around waiting for the rides to open and had themselves some boy fun on the bumper cars with fabulous bruises to show for it. 

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