Sunday, January 19, 2014

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It's Mumsie's birthday today! So pleased to be able to celebrate with her...we warned her last night that we'd be running the traditional Clevely birthday for her, ie hiding pressies in the lounge.  It was with much hilarity and "hot" and "cold" that she shuffled around the carpet on her knees, poking around in the most unexpected places and not looking in the obvious ones.  We steered her away from the big present until the end, surprising her with a Kindle from her loving husband and three darling children.   
Isn't she lovely in some birthday finery!  After church, in which we had guest speaker Cody Knox fill the pulpit very adequately with a superb message, we had lunch at home then joined up with the Bothas and Cody and the Gregorys at Caroline Bay for an ice-cream.  
We were pleased to meet Danya and Sarah, who were leaders on the Scripture Union camp and so knew Cody and Justus - Justus joined us shortly thereafter, togged up and ready for the beach.  The rest of us were huddled in the shelter of the ice-cream shop looking for protection from the chilly wind - what we had hoped would be a lovely afternoon had turned Southerly!  Andreas and Danielle kindly took Mom home to get her out of the wind where she happily spend a short bit of solitary time while we had a quick stop in the Aviary, where surprisingly the wind didn't reach us.
Graham and Liz shared a quick swing step...wonder what would happen to Aaron and his perpetually undone laces if he tried that move?
This cute fellow enjoyed having his head scratched after we found him trustworthy with finger-holding!

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