Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Travelettes (small travels)

With my parents taking over dishwashing duty, and my mum lovingly hanging up, sorting, folding and ironing laundry, I've had a lot of time freed up (added to which we are on holiday), so there's been more time for sewing, yay!  I bought these two pieces of nearly-identically coloured fabric from the Red Cross shop a few months ago and found just the right pattern for their contrasting textures.  Voila!
There's also plenty of time for outings and travels though - this morning we took ourselves to Pleasant Point for a custard square at Legends Cafe.
Aaron's Well...
The famous Denheath Custard Square derives its name from its original inventors, Dennis and Heather McKnight.  It is now a nationally marketed and sought-after product, with dreams of becoming international!
On the way home we popped in at the Timaru Airport, as this was on Dad's wishlist of things to see.  It's not typically a great tourist spot but is interesting nonetheless in its tiny-ness! 
The entire terminal was absolutely deserted when we arrived, but a solitary employee heard us and  made an appearance.  We explained that we were looking around and I think she may have been a bit puzzled, but informed us anyway that they have about an average of three or four incoming and outgoing flights daily, although there was no more activity scheduled for the rest of the day.

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