Monday, January 27, 2014


Up to today I had fairly successfully pretended that D-Day was not coming rapidly at us, but when my brother skyped from SA to wish us a happy last day together, the floodgates opened.  I nearly banned the use of the word "last", but denial only takes you so far!
In typical male/female fashion (at least in my experience, perhaps this is genetic), Dad packed his suitcase in less than 15 minutes, while Mom spent most of the day arranging things and labelling medications and finding a safe home for her hotbrush which I suspect loses a few more teeth with every holiday.
Last lunch in the sunshine on the deck...actually today was a beautiful day after some fiercesome southerlies and rain yesterday. 
In between-times the boys played Minecraft, and I finished off a blouse - cut out from a second-hand size 26 skirt from SaveMart, the fabric of which I loved!
Last game of Rummikub - this has been a really popular game over the past two months with stiff competition from all sides, boys included.
To round off the lasts, our van which exploded in July last year and has been sitting dormant on the street since then, was towed away by Jacques and Andreas for some diagnostics at Mitsubishi. 
Going...gone!  All that remains is a large patch of oil (I'm melting, I'm melting...)
The blanket brigade came out to watch its departure :)

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Genevieve said...

Well you've really gotten Samuel's attention now.
"Minecraft! Minecraft! They play Minecraft!"