Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fiery trials

Saturday afternoon had *that* feeling in the know, the feeling of summertime, where you want to invite some buddies over for a BBQ, pull out a guitar, and sit outside and chill.  Quick, we thought, let's plan a plan and make it happen.  We got hold of Liz and Graham who also had Sascha with them, who is interning with Graham and staying with the Gregories for a few days.  Alas though, by the time it was BBQ time, not only was it nearly dark, but also cold and drizzling.  Ah well...summer's a'coming, for sure.  After tea Liz and I needed to pop out for a few bits and pieces for a forthcoming event, and by the time we returned Nick, Graham, Sascha, Caleb and Aaron were prancing around the kitchen, giggling like schoolgirls, trying to throw paper darts (planes) into the open potbelly fire.  It was a sight to behold!

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