Friday, September 06, 2013

Not to be mistaken for a fire-hydrant

Joan, during the cleanout prior to shifting, donated this fabulous old chest to Nick. It was grey but Nick wanted it to be shiny and RED. He bought paint and over several days, transformed it into this marvellous piece. I wish I knew more about it as I suspect it's VERY old...perhaps Joan you may feel inclined to leave some info in a comment on this post?

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Nick and Lynn Clevely said...

Joan had some technical difficulty getting this comment to stick, so I'm posting on her behalf. Yay for this info - we like the trunk even more!

"Dad bought the trunk to store in the hold of the Northern Star when we first sailed to NZ to visit the grandparents. I remember him painting it grey so it would have been second hand then. Shall I tell you it was in 1961 or that I was 18?? Never mind, it was the visit when I met the lean and athletic John Leevers. Nick would have painted over the bold name stencilled on top “ J R STEAD” – that was my Dad."