Saturday, September 07, 2013

Another weekend, another birthday

This afternoon, with gorgeous weather to match, we enjoyed a birthday barbeque with Zayn, one of our young adults from church, and his family and some church family.
Quite a hilarious afternoon, really, with so much gentle South African (and much Afrikaans) ribbing and teasing. 
Three generations right there...a blessing to have family all together in a foreign country.
Zayn, birthday boy, right there...
And then we got into a bit of silliness with charades, which was new to a few people.  Took off pretty well once we all got the hang of it, with so much laughing and a bit of confusion with bilingual topics.  We should have introduced a new category; once we'd drawn box-shaped TVs or curtain-gestures or indicated a book or movie, we could have perhaps waggled our fingers at our throats to indicated Afrikaans (as it tends to be spoken more gutturally) or swished our palms around the mouth and nose to indicate English, which is placed in the front of the face.  I've noticed the same about French and German respectively.  Russian, I suspect, comes from deep within the stomach region and is best pronounced while inducing a double-chin.

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