Saturday, September 21, 2013

Week 8

A very busy week in our house but few photos resulting!  Monday night I was treated to "The Sound of Music" performed at the Theater Royal by locals, with Bronwyn, Rosanna and Liz - absolutely fabulous show, and what a hoot of an evening the four of us had, what with Jaffas rolling down the sloped wooden floor (naughty us, sneaking lollies in) and quietly singing along when we really shouldn't have been :)  Photo by Philip Pain on Liz's phone, borrowed from her FB post! After the (very long) show we still went out for Sundaes and hot chocolate, so bed time was around midnight.
Tuesday Aaron and I had our usual music lessons, and in the evening Aaron had his first basketball game of the season in his Year 5/6 League (the last game will be on 3rd December, so you'll be able to watch, Popsie and Mumsie!).  The TCS Hurricanes played well but didn't quite meet up to Bluestone's high accuracy in shooting the hoops.  Good job though, team, and thanks to Mrs Thompson who is coaching.  Nick dropped us off home and raced off to bible study at the Overcomers.
Wednesday - Caleb has an orchestra practice followed by a violin lesson, always with a reminder not to break anything in between :), and we have bible study in the evening.
Thursday was our seven-weekly social swing dance, following a set of six classes.  Liz and I had had great fun learning a "Flapper Rag" routine which we performed during the evening, and Caleb wowed everyone with a spontaneous shuffle and break-dance solo towards the end of the evening - the boys usually sit quietly in a corner while we dance, but during a jam circle Aaron dared Caleb to get on the floor.
Friday night after orchestra practice I joined up with some girl friends at Liz's shop for a crafting evening.  I've had a sore throat all week which mutated into laryngitis, so I didn't contribute much by way of conversation or laughter but did enjoy the evening.
Saturday Nick spent the day out in a ministerial role and I had Victoria around for some violining.  In the evening we had a Skype catch-up with my parents which consisted of some very scant conversation from me with a lot of nodding and hand gestures, and much interesting content from the South African side, before the boys came and caught up with them.  Such a blessing to have this means of staying in touch!

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