Sunday, September 01, 2013

Losing the Leevers (sob)

Oh dear, the Leevers' "l***" Sunday with us today...I asked Joan how she was and she said 'fine, so long as no mentions the l word!'  We presented them with gifts during the service and prayed for them, with very few dry eyes left in the congregation.  Although their departure has been imminent we've really just not been trying to think about it.  We will miss John and Joan very much.
Following the morning service in which John preached, we had our monthly fellowship lunch.  Since I already had my camera handy, I made a nuisance of myself in every direction...
Gorgeous Zach (below) belongs to "don't-photograph-me" Elijah (above).  He and Rosanna and their four children have recently joined us from the West Coast, although we have yet to meet their fourth.  That will be in about ten weeks!
"Wuhsheeeng deeeshes"...

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