Sunday, September 08, 2013

First spring gathering

Sunday...another wonderful occasion to gather together to hear the Lord's Word preached and fellowship with family in Christ. We had pre-arranged with a few families to come around for a BBQ (carefully watching weather forecasts, we had reasonable confidence that it would be good weather again, which it was).  By the time we actually got going, with a few extra invitees, we were a group of nearly 20, with two more calling in during the afternoon.  It was certainly jolly and with everyone bringing something, we ate well!  Graham (kindly?) brought along two crayfish from the freezer, which needed preparation and pan-frying (you bring, you cook...I wasn't volunteering!!).  Not so pretty to look and I mostly avoided eye contact but they sure were tasty.  The nice thing about these fellas, as I've been reminded through listening to Paul Brand and Philip Yancey's "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made", is that because they wear their skeletons on the outside, the inside is all delicious boneless flesh. 
Speaking of things on the inside, Rosanna has about 9 weeks to go.  Looking pretty great for 31 weeks, ey!
We met Emma and Sam (below, next to Liz) this morning in church - they are a fabulous newly(ish)-wed couple who are touring the south island, but who normally live in Hamilton.  We figured that since we were already having a crowd, it wouldn't hurt to have two more :)  So pleased that we got to know them a bit better before they continued on their way, and we look forward to meeting up again some day in the Lord's providence.
Cute Seth with his serious brown eyes
The boys got a game of 'Bang!' going which took most of the afternoon.

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