Monday, September 02, 2013

Quite frankly

Birthday celebrations this year for our friend Justus included a bonfire with sausies and marshmallows, cakes, and a selection of friends from different places who gelled into a happy can anyone not be happy with a roaring fire in their midst!
While the gals engaged in selfies on phones, the men whittled sticks...
...they had to be long enough to cook sausages on because you definitely didn't want to get any closer than a metre or two away, or be found accidentally treading on embers.
A bit of Damper bread happening - the raw dough was spread over the sticks and cooked until done.  
Some people had more success with it than others!
A few fireworks to celebrate...
...and then yummy cakes, too many to name or eat in one sitting.
Happy birthday, old fella, and many more!

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