Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Celebrating eight decades

She hides it exceptionally well, but the secret's out now: dear Shirley is 80! We celebrated with our sprightly octogenarian by joining forces with the regularly scheduled coffee morning, and adding numbers and items of interest. After sampling the delectable goodies provided by so many different hands, Marg gave the opening welcome and congratulated Shirley.
It's also Nick's birthday this month, so as per the regular custom of the coffee morning he was awarded a flower to wear in his jacket.
When we'd all had our fill of tea and cakes, we reseated ourselves in the pews for a short program of singing, dancing and poetry.  Caleb (Cameron) was first up with a song and dance number which he performed so well - what a natural!
Chrissy had her singing voice dusted off and sparkling...
...then Nick introduced the next item which was one of his songs, performed by Rene with Nick accompanying.
Rene caught his breath for a moment before launching into a moving rendition of "When it's all been said and done"...reflecting on Shirley's life.
Hannah blessed us all with a song too - so much talent in the Kempf/Cameron family!
Josh was last up with a reading of a poem about Shirley (written by clever Bronwyn) which had us in stitches.
What a great morning and such an honour for us to join in the celebrations.  Happy birthday Shirley, and many, many more!

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