Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Our spring weather is as changeable as...well, spring weather. We've had warm fine days, warm cloudy days, cold cloudy days, cold fine days, wet days, windy days, and hail days.  And sometimes all of the above in one day.  This hail came down quite suddenly and shared skyscapes with the sun.  The hailstones were small but many, affording the boys a good bit of fun before it melted away in the rain which followed (briefly, before the clouds were blown away and the sun came out again, which was before the clouds blew in again). 
Aaron played a basketball game this evening and their team won, dramatically, with a score of 22/21. It was a fabulous game to spectate and I was one of several parents yelling in excitement from the sidelines, nearly hoarse by the end of it and feeling as victorious as though we had been the ones shooting the hoops. Go TCS Hurricanes!

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