Sunday, October 06, 2013

We've missed you, Caroline

We gathered together a small crew after the evening service for a beach visit - we'd been keeping an eye on the weather forecast and today seemed like it would be a good one for the first beach excursion of the 2013/2014 season.  It had been cloudy all day but with a few northerlies about it was pretty mild.
The Phillipsies all came, along with Zayn, Zildari, Inge and Kenan. 
Erinmarie dared Caleb and Aaron to immerse themselves in the ocean, so that was an easy $5 earned!!  Aaron looking a little gap-smiled there, having lost two teeth on the weekend.
And then the sun came out - well, more accurately described it started sinking out from below the cloud line.  What a magnificent evening!
We hadn't thought ahead to bring any beach balls or sports gear, but the kids improvised with a game of 'toss the sand clods'.
Bronwyn and Charity arrived...
By around 7.30 pm we were about ready to head off, still exclaiming at the sunshine and brightness of the day at that time.

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