Friday, October 18, 2013

Breaking chains and barking at passersby...

Lovely Bronwyn hosted a 'couples evening' at their home...a beautiful affair which we knew was going to be awesome as soon as we saw the elegant table setting and smelled some delicious aromas wafting from the kitchen.  
I miscalculated my dates so ended up double booking myself with an orchestra practice which I couldn't miss as we have a concert in two weeks (Caleb will also be playing as his primary school orchestra is joining with our youth orchestra for a few pieces - he and I sat next to one another at practice!).  I slipped away just before dinner was served and arrived back to enjoy a plateful of a salmon gnocci entree and venison casserole, followed smartly by vanilla cheesecake - wow!! 
Amidst a lot of laughter, there was also a little fire incident involving a menu and a tealight candle...oops! 
Bron and I had planned a few fun games and activities, designed to bring out some interesting facts.  We learned that Elijah likes pepper tree leaves in his peanut butter sandwiches and that no one in our group was born in February.  Fabulous evening, well done Bronwyn and we look forward to the next event!!

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