Monday, October 28, 2013


Church camp 2013...this year our camp was held at Glenroy Lodge in Hororata, about an hour and three quarters' drive from us towards Christchurch. The campsite facilities were lovely although we were a little concerned during the planning stages about 70 campers sharing two showers...glad to report that the site is better equipped and did have an extra ablution block not featured on our original map ;)  There is only one main hall, so eating and meeting happened in the same venue which meant shifting chairs and tables before and after every session.  No matter though, there was a large enough contingent of males in the 10-25 year range to get it done quickly each time.  Our speaker, Joe Fleener, soothed our ears with his American accent while challenging our hearts from the book of Philippians.  We had five sessions over the course of three days, with a lot of free time and great eating in between times. The teenagers particularly appreciated his ministry and picked his brain during a spontaneous Q&A time after one evening session. 
Nick and the boys slept in tents the first night (I assigned myself to a dorm, thanks!!) but the tenters had it bad with excessive wind the first two days of camp.  Andreas had to drive into Christchurch on Saturday afternoon for more tent pegs, and Nick ended up just collapsing our big tent and leaving it flat until the wind died down sufficiently to pack it away.  We found two beds for the boys in the mens' dorms on the second night.  On the third night Nick moved into the lounge above the hall but that was where all the late-night board-gaming, table-tennising and fellowshiping was also happening, so he found himself awake until after 3.30 am, and was up at 6.  Not the best night's sleep - looking a little ragged on Monday morning!!
Being surrounded by so much nature...such a blessing but oh the allergies.  I suffered through puffy eyes despite an antihistamine.
So there we go - all wrapped up and looking forward to our next one in 2014!

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