Saturday, October 05, 2013

An unsurprising but surprisingly fun shower

Last Saturday night when Graham, Liz and Sascha came for dinner, we used all their hands for putting together a "nappy cake". Of course I couldn't say anything about it at the time because it was to be a surprise for Rosanna's baby shower today, but thanks fellas for the help in producing this creation of nappies, baby products, lime green and orangeness! 
So, with not too many weeks left, it was high time to get our church ladies together for a shower.  Bronwyn and I had a good laugh about our cultural differences at approaching the organization when, a few weeks ago, she asked me a question regarding the date right in front of Rosanna.  I stared at her as blankly as possible, wondering how I could possibly cover up the faux-pas, but apparently in kiwi-land showers are not intended to be surprises at all.  Does make it a lot easier to plan when you don't also need to concoct a fake event to which to invite the mum!
We held the event at Liz's house and had a fabulous gathering of 17 ladies, young and old.  Liz is a great party planner - she's really an ideas person, and between us we came up with several baby-related activities (apart from eating) - guess the girth, draw the baby, charades, a baby trivia quiz, guess how many nappies were in the cake, nappy shotput, memory game, and getting Rosanna to work out who the gifts were from by matching the baby photo to the giver.  It was a fun-filled afternoon although I see everyone looks very serious in most of the photos in this post - they must have been concentrating hard!
Can't wait to meet the new little person, Rosanna!

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