Saturday, July 21, 2012

Yeevil: medieval weevils?

It's been several weeks since we had a good games evening - Artfull Crafts is the ideal venue as we can play table tennis AND board games in one room.  We organized a bunch of people to get together and although only a few of the invitees came, we had ourselves a jolly good evening, particularly with the Balderdash - with such a big group it was tough picking out the correct definition but there were some ridiculously funny incorrect ones...buzaglow: is it "blackhead elimination cream which causes a severe luminescence on the face and an unpleasant tingling sensation which was not well received on the market and subsequently recalled, causing the entire pharmaceutical company to liquidate", or "a bee on fire" (or neither of those?)
Hee hee...this photo makes me laugh as it's a posed shot. We had been cackling a lot but Nick took a photo during a quiet moment of contemplation. I asked him to retake it and told everyone to pretend they were laughing uproariously!

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