Tuesday, July 03, 2012

July has begun...

...with a severe chill...we're getting lows of -4.5 which MetService advises "feels like -9".  Heavy frosts are common in the mornings now.  Church on Sunday was excellent with Grant in the morning starting a mini-series in James, and John preaching in the evening on Jairus' Daughter.  Had our monthly fellowship lunch with a huge crowd!  Monday, first proper day of the holidays, saw the boys and I installed at school for two and a half hours.  The boys watched Prince Caspian in the library on the projector screen with surround sound - they didn't complain!  Had Bronwyn here in the afternoon so I could show her a few tricks on her new iPhone.  Jemima came early for my violin lesson so had soup with us for tea, then we played violin until 7.30.  Good to be kept busy with people and activities!  During the course of the afternoon the boys spent some time tidying their room in preparation for the Big Bi-Annual Toy Tidy-Up which they didn't even know was about to happen...

Today, Tuesday, we rearranged the boys' room, taking the bunk beds apart so they have less floor space but their beds are usable as a play area.  When we had finished the physical work and every corner and inch of their room had been vacuumed, I set them to work emptying every crate and container and sorting the contents.  We used the passage, and they worked hard and well. 
I spent the time in the kitchen, cleaning and sorting the pantry (I really didn't need 8 empty preserving jars and a lidless beetroot tupperware container anymore).  After lunch we popped out to Briscoes and town; we found $10 duvet cover sets for the boys to finish off the new room effect. 
Had the kiwi-bound portion of the Phillips family over for soup and bread for tea - we had arranged for them and the Kempfs to come at 8 to Skype the Fiji Team, but I had a large quantity of soup needing eating :)  It was so great to chat with Nick, and for Grant and Petru and Jayden and Dinnay to see Erinmarie and Dannica, and Rene, Bronwyn and Hannah to catch up with Jesse and Sam.  They are all doing well and have been well received in the school where they have been doing some children's ministry.  They have also been doing a lot of visitation of families in the community.  And they are very hot!

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