Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fiji pics

Here are a couple of Nick's photos from their Missions Trip to Fiji:

 This is the Muslim School where they spent three mornings doing children's ministry - songs, skits, bible lessons and handing out tracts and lollies. They were able to buy sports equipment for the school.
130 kids squeezed into a classroom!
Nick preaching with Vijay interpreting - it either takes twice as long, or the message is half the length!
The team set up a volleyball court with donated nets and engine oil to mark the boundaries!

Friday night youth group - balloon hockey.
Not all hard work and labour - the team went to the beach on the first Saturday they were in Fiji, and spent the day in Laotoka and at a fair on the second Saturday.
Vijay and Narsamma - a huge thanks to them for putting up the five extra people!
The Team!
Thanks to all who supported this mission financially and prayerfully, and please keep on praying for the Lord's work in Fiji. Soli Deo Gloria!

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