Saturday, July 28, 2012

Spuds and buds

Nick and the boys spent the afternoon digging in the garden - they filled the green bin with weeds and leaves.  In the vegetable patch they uncovered a stash of potatoes!  Didn't expect to find these growing as they are strays from last season when we actually tried growing them on purpose.  Amazing, huh!  (I wasn't shirking - I had been busy with cleaning the house, church admin and cooking).
Actually it was a gorgeous day today...we've had a few cloudy and really cold days, but today it was clear and not quite as chilly (with a high of 12.2 and a low of -5.7).  I got three loads of washing out - exciting to see steam rising off the damp items of clothing!  After a music practice at church, we had Andreas and Justus around for a quick stir-fry tea.  The three men got embroiled in a very interesting and technical creation science debate...Nick had tried posing the question to me of whether the second law of thermo-dynamics was a result of the Fall. My blank look as a response indicated that he needed some more slightly more intelligent minds with which to engage.  Here they are; Andreas and Justus trying to fold bulletins while Nick is postulating some theory of prelapsarian use of the second law of thermo-dynamics in the sun giving off its heat.  

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