Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Term 3 begins

Yeeha, back to school today! I don't know if the boys were looking forward to being back as much as I was, but they were pretty keen anyway. They are back into all activities, with Monday afternoon hockey practice being the first on the list. Aaron came home lugging a huge kit bag (I mean, huge), containing all the goalie gear for Thursday's game (they don't normally play on Thursdays but this is a deferred game from last term).  He and Caleb couldn't wait to get it all onto Aaron to show us!  Fortunately for them, the Camerons came by on Tuesday afternoon and so Caleb and Josh joined in an impromptu hockey game, necessitating the second time for Aaron to get all dressed up and practiced.  
While the four of them were playing in the courtyard, Matt was sitting in the cupboard in Nick's office/study, installing a trap-door for access under the house - most of the underneath can be gotten to through an exterior door, but the newer parts were built differently. Why, I hear you ask, would we be so desperately wanting to get underneath the house? 
Well, in preparation for Thursday's Insulation Event!  Much like the extreme drop in temperature over a cloudless night, our house doesn't retain heat.  The simple (but expensive) solution is to install proper batts in the ceiling and under the house - thanks, most excellent landlady and -lord :)

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