Friday, July 06, 2012

The long faces are purely physical

Finally, a morning at home...with nothing urgent to do, I rolled out of bed at 9 am...the boys about an hour later!!  We had an afternoon visit and cup of tea with Shirley and her three wee horses - these are miniature horses (not ponies) and simply too cute.  They followed Shirley around the paddock like puppies - they are well trained to know that she often brings them tasty apple treats and suchlike.  After a few days of rain and gloom the sun finally came out - but don't be fooled by this brilliantly blue sky; it only lasted for about half an hour. 
Shirley, apart from being the keeper of a host of farm animals, also restores old chairs.  She is one clever lady!
Following our visit with Shirley, the boys and I visited the Warehouse (where everyone...) before doing our Friday pizza and movie. Good to still keep those traditions happening, even though we are Nick-less.

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