Saturday, July 14, 2012

All about Nick and some other people

It was a loooong wait last night for Nick - I finished the book I had been reading during the holidays, then started watching a movie around 10 pm.  Nick still wasn't home.  Eventually around 1 am Rene dropped him off - yippeeee!!!  So pleased to have my beloved home after two weeks away.  We slept in this morning then spent the morning pottering about before going out for a little lunch at McDonalds to celebrate the return of our Missionary :) 
Since we were already out and about, and since I had cleaned the house yesterday, we were in no hurry to go home, so called in at Matt and Adele for a cuppa and a hello, as they have been away overseas for several weeks.  Following a most excellent visit with them, we went to say hello to Andreas, and found Johan and Adele (not the same Adele, of course) visiting there too.  Had a good chat with them before leaving mid-afternoon and spending the rest of the day at home.

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